Posted by: dubaibizniz | May 19, 2008

Deyaar ignores impending court battle

Deyaar has been in the media recently with a news item that raised many eyebrows. Deyaar’s CEO, Zack Shahin resigned over alleged embezzlement. The tone has for the most part been that Zack Shahin is guilty, before a case has even made it to court. The police has apparently extended Zack’s detention for another 30 days. Several arrests are made and now Deyaar’s Nasser Bin Hassan Al-Shaikh says, “From the looks of it, it will go to court, we have enough evidence to take it to court.” in an interview with Bloomberg at the World Economic Forum in Egypt.

For those who have not had the privilege of being introduced to Dubai’s legal system, almost anything and everything is enough to go to court. The more complicated a case is, the more likely it will go to court. The Public Prosecution is simply a bureaucratic step before the inevitable court date. Nothing to be particularly excited about.

I know very little about the details of the case, but I thought it would be worth pointing out that we should always assume the accused is innocent until proven guilty — opposite of the legal system (and the media).

It is also interesting to see that Deyaar’s website has nothing to say about this case.



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