Posted by: dubaibizniz | May 18, 2008 encouraging racism?

I have always been a fan of Internet-based companies in the region. I also understand the general frustration that stems from the seeming unfair compensation packages offered to people of different nationalities. While I maintain that this is strictly an exercise of providing incentives to leave one’s home country, I was rather disappointed to find add an option for employers to specify nationalities accepted for positions.

Why would you encourage such practice? That is indeed a sad thing.



  1. It’s actually illegal in a lot of countries to specify any gender, ethnic, religion or age preferences.

    As a former Operations Manager and recruitment consultant, I think that it would be much easier if we could specify preferences, as it might decrease the hundreds of CVs that are received in response to advertised vacancies – 99% of which are unsuitable – and there are certain instances where a male or a female would be better for a certain position.

    But it would only work in countries where there is pay parity and recognition for experience and skills.

    Unfortunately it won’t work in places like the UAE where it’s sadly well known that certain nationalities will work for offered lower wages in comparison to what a “western” employee will work for. And then those nationalities get worked to the bone and treated like dirt.

    Huge reform is required – but I don’t think that it’s going to happen any time soon.

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