Posted by: dubaibizniz | February 13, 2008

High Turnover Rates

So, we are switching back to 6 day weeks for our main operations, while keeping the main admin staff on the 5 day weeks. Backlash? You betcha! We already have a few threats of resignations, which I would be happy to accept.

The general rule is, keep your turnover at an absolute minimum. The problem is that the work culture and ethic in the region doesn’t have the ingredients that support the employer in making the employee’s life better.

When we switched to 5-day weeks, we initially had an increase in productivity, which later dwindled and became worse than the initial honeymoon period. We have repeatedly tried to provide incentives. Raises were given, transportation was provided and health insurance is in the works. Productivity continued to get worse. The problem? Employees started taking it for granted. A sign of weakness from the management’s end.

It is quite unfortunate that it had to come to this. I was left with no choice but to revoke the 5-day week and go back to the old-school style of working everyone like a dog. Those who wish to quit are free to go. It is probably a good time to bring in some new blood into the organization. Blood that is not contaminated with laziness and carelessness.

This is one of the few times where I find turnover to be the right choice.



  1. It is probably a good time to bring in some new blood into the organization. Blood that is not contaminated with laziness and carelessness.

    I don’t know what kind of ops you have but, as a compromise, I’d recommend 5 1/2 instead of a flat 6 from 5. That’d enable you to retain your staff instead of new (untested) blood and then realize it was bad for you!

  2. 5.5 won’t really work unfortunately. To be honest, I hate the idea of 6 day weeks. I was the one who pushed for it, despite their manager’s strong disapproval. He said I was crazy and it will only backfire on me. I did it anyway, and it was great. I made my point.. months later, it sure enough did backfire.

    When it comes to grunt work, it seems that this is the only way people respond to in this region.

    Of course those who are wanting to quit are ones who are part of the problem. So no loss there.

    I secretly plan to return to 5 day weeks once I weed out the bad apples. I just don’t plan to let anyone know about it.

  3. Well, this process of weeding out, as you put it, although untested – I like it.

    More power to this strategy for optimum performance.

    Good luck.

  4. OMG – 6 days…!

    5.5 is good – at least one knows it’s a half day…though that can also mean productivity is affected coz ppl might take things a bit easy.

  5. i*maginate:

    Not necessarily, the taking it easy part on a 5 ½.

    Consider this scenario. Ordinarily during a 5 ½ day week, people tend to deliver more in terms of productivity if the ½ day in question is Thursday and your trading links are with the West. It’s like you want to get rid of all outgoing comm before you split for the day.

    Now I say this, based on a first hand exposure with one of our associates that work 5 ½. I’ve been specifically told to avoid meetings with them on a Thursday since they’re all on the edge to get things done to find a response in their inbox some Saturday.

    I agree with you, 6 is a torture but if it’s a temporary game plan to bring back and/or increase productivity, I’m all for it, before rolling it back to 5.

    Of course, the roll back at the end of the day, is subject to achievements!

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